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Image of an older man holding a sign that says "Seeking Human Kindness"

END Discrimination


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We cultivate moments for deep listening and respectful conversations. 
Aware to Act has a twofold approach: Our blog provides sacred space for people to share their personal stories of discrimination and our (un)Game is a unique opportunity to engage in real-time, meaningful dialogue in any setting – home, work, school, groups and even for self reflection.  Whether posting to our blog or playing the (un)Game, Aware2Act is a conduit for communication that explores various forms of discrimination.
In a world where we experience violence, trauma and chaos, Aware2Act calmly empowers us to use our voices, our intrinsic gifts, our awareness and our actions to embrace empathy, respect and understanding, doing what we can from where we are.
With intention, we integrate ideas, people, possibilities, resources, discussions, connections and hope. Important conversations become insights and spark action for change.
What can you do?...what can we do together? Come home to Aware2Act, where our community and your participation allows opportunities, peace, healing, love and wisdom to manifest.

"If you are looking for an engaging.....way to wrestle with the challenges of racial justice in America, check out the (Un)Game...  The (Un)Game is a cleverly designed board game...where every roll of the dice leads the players to learn something about themselves and the legacy of racism in America. Some squares on the game board introduce the players to barriers to race unity and justice. Landing on other squares prompt players to watch a short video that focuses on a particular aspect of racial justice. The game is fun and sparks unique conversations every time it is played.    I love their  website and their mission."....Yvor Stoakley

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